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Measured Capital is a real estate private equity firm that sponsors multifamily investment projects. We focus on value-add properties that we reposition and stabilize for optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Why Multifamily?

After 20 years of intense research and experimentation into every income-producing asset we could find, nothing performs like a 50+ unit apartment community run by professional management and acquired by skilled underwriters using reasonable leverage.

Every month, rent is paid and far exceeds the cost of operating a property. This creates a positive cash return throughout the life of an investment.


In addition to creating income each month, large multifamily assets increase in value as rents increase and the cost of building new continues to rise.

Tax Advantaged

No asset is treated more favorably by the IRS than commercial real estate – highlighted by the bonus depreciation available via cost segregation studies.


When people lose their jobs and reduce incomes; their first move is to reduce cost of living – which means demand for B and C class apartments goes up while the rest of the economy is suffering.


We invest primarily in Class B, garden-style communities located in specific Sun Belt and Midwest submarkets with strong long-term economic and population trends. Hold periods range from 5 to 10 years depending on business plan and market fundamentals.

The Haven at Parkside – Jacksonville, FL: 64 units

A garden-style community filled with mature oak trees near JAX airport and major employers, this property was fully occupied when acquired and financed an agency loan. A 1991 vintage, our team is revitalizing the exterior and common areas while renovating units to modern standards.

The Jefferson – Des Moines, IA: 108 Units

This asset is composed of 9 buildings with loads of green space and street frontage. It was acquired mid-renovation, our team is completing the value-add projects to stabilize financial returns.

The Oaks – Des Moines, IA: 108 units

Acquired as part of a portfolio from same seller as The Jefferson, this community is tucked into a quiet residential neighbor. We are repositioning by renovating every unit and transforming exterior.

Harbach Loft – Des Moines, IA: 103 units

A historic renovation done to meticulous detail, this modern loft style property is one of the city’s most beautiful. With 103 A-class apartments, retail space, a cell phone tower and storage units underground, this asset has multiple income streams supporting it’s 10 year hold.

Court Ave & Marketplace Lofts – Des Moines, IA: 103 units

These modern loft style buildings are located in the heart of downtown Des Moines’s popular Court district. Developed in 2007 with local tax incentives, these apartments cater to income-restricted families looking for A-class accommodations.

The Cypress – Des Moines, IA: 108 Units

Composed of two 54-unit communities located along Hubbell Ave, a major thoroughfare on the east side of Des Moines. This deal has seller financing and acquired at an aggressively discounted basis.

Crosswinds – Des Moines, IA: 120 Units

Our most advantageous purchase to date, this LIHTC property was acquired from a developer who was highly motivated to sell. The community is recently developed and across the street from Grand View University, a growing 4-year institution.

Rock Ridge – Riverside, CA: 17 unit

Located close to UC Riverside and a path of progress for the surrounding community. 5 year hold with major CapEx renovation and reposition to new tenant base.

Cedarview – Atlanta, GA: 70 units

A large community comprised entirely of townhomes in a suburb near the world’s busiest airport.  Our plans include finishing the renovations started by previous owner.

The Centre – Waco, TX: 96 units

Just steps from the campus of Baylor University, Magnolia brands and downtown. A projected 5 year hold focused improving operations and unit interiors.

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