We Are Becoming a Renter Nation

Like it or not, the long-term terms are clear – as time goes on, more and more of U.S. citizens are renting, rather than buying their homes. This brief from PEW Research Center sheds light into the details of these demographics and confirms that this is an unstoppable trend – powered by multiple aligning reasons.

5 Deal Points for The Centre, Waco

Hello Investors, Now that the deal is funded and closed, we can share with the public our deal announcement and video summary where Dan shares his 5 Deal Points for this amazing property that we have acquired on the steps of Baylor University.

Higher Interest Rates Compound Housing Affordability

A recent Marcus and Millichap brief highlighted the impact that rising interest rates are having on affordability of housing in general. The reality is, both renters and home owners have seen massive increases to their cost of living over the past 2 years. You can read more details here: We share this data as it […]

How To Achieve Infinite Returns In Real Estate

We’ll break it down into more detail later, but here’s the high level:1. Buy a great piece of commercial real estate (great means it cash flows from operations is in excess of your debt service) 2. Borrow 50-75% of the purchase price with fixed rate bank debt. 3. Improve real estate and it’s cash flow […]

Cash Flow and Appreciation, The Best of Two Worlds

There are two ways to make money investing – and only two ways. First, there is cash flow, which is when monthly rental income exceeds the monthly expenses required to operate the building. This generally pays out each month and is a pure definition of passive income that repeats over time. Second, there is appreciation, which […]