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We Are Becoming a Renter Nation
Like it or not, the long-term terms are clear – as time goes on, more and more of U.S. citizens are renting,...
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Trying Youtube
Does a YT link work? And looks like yes.
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5 Deal Points for The Centre, Waco
Hello Investors, Now that the deal is funded and closed, we can share with the public our deal announcement...
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Higher Interest Rates Compound Housing Affordability
A recent Marcus and Millichap brief highlighted the impact that rising interest rates are having on affordability...
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Why Multifamily is Our Asset of Choice
Let me count the ways… Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3 Summary of how that all ties together.
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Purpose within the Business: Building Better Communities
One of the incredible benefits of our work is the natural good that comes from improving large facilities...
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How To Achieve Infinite Returns In Real Estate
We’ll break it down into more detail later, but here’s the high level:1. Buy a great piece...
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Cash Flow and Appreciation, The Best of Two Worlds
There are two ways to make money investing – and only two ways. First, there is cash flow, which...
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